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Bali Asli Soap Factory Marketing Program High in the mountains of central Bali in the village of Pupuan, I tour a small soap factory called Bali Asli. Bali Asli is a social enterprise; the Bali Asli team has established a series of small scale, locally rooted industry projects that process local, natural resources into a wide range of resaleable products.

Bali Asli is a community-based business whose mission is to create jobs in one of Bali's poorest regions while generating profits that support local community projects. Bali Asli's most notable contribution is to the local school system, which is almost completely unfunded by the Indonesia government.

Earlier in the day, I visited 2 local schools largely funded by profits generated by Bali Asli products…

Yet, the production capacity is too low to make the type of impact…

I am visiting to perform a field study of the Bali Asli production system, including a survey of the requirements to import Bali Asli products to the United States. Bali Asli has been run by Richard and Maya since 1986.

As I spend time with Richard and Mya, I am impressed by the potential of this type of small scale industry to help develop local economies in Indonesia. Today, these small industries are one of the area's largest employers.

In 1999 the owners of Bali Asli joined forces with other local enterprise and education experts and formed a non-profit foundation called Yayasan MACK.

Today Yayasan MACK works closely with Bali Asli and other local businesses to support local NGOs and community programs by clearly demonstrating the viability of establishing self-sustainability through ethical, environmentally sound small-scale production industries.