Bali Asli was established in the mountains of Pupuan, Bali in 1986. The company is based on principles of caring for the environment, improving local economies & creating high quality products for healthy living on a healthy planet. All of our products are made with fair trade principles & only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

Bali Asli is the best supplier for Restaurants and Hotels that want to offer their customers a taste of Bali's best. Our products are much more reasonably priced than expensive import items, and they are the fin¬est quality products you can find locally. Bulk regular orders can be arranged directly with our offices, call today for more information.

Today people are increasingly aware of the importance of eating natural healthy foods, and using cleaning and personal hygiene products that are safe for our environment and ourselves. Bali Asli has the widest range of 100% Natural jams, condiments & soaps available. Contact us today for our exciting product lists.

Bali Asli has been the primary supplier of natural soaps on Bali for more than a decade. Our products are guaranteed as the finest quality, and our company is founded on ethical fair trade principles. Contact us today to learn more about how you can carry our wide ranges of products in either our own labeling, or repackage them with your own company profile.

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All Bali Asli Products are made from 100% Natural Ingredients. Sometimes ingredients are out of season or unavailable so we thank you for your understanding if we are not able to fill your order exactly as per your initial specifications. Our production systems are small scale, community based, ethical enterprises and all of our products are hand finished and the finest quality available.

For more information or to place your order contact us today :
Office Telp. / Fax: (0361) 733 962 • info@bali-asli.com • www.bali-asli.com